Friday, March 6, 2015

Oh La La

Dress: Made by me, Hairpiece: Vintage flowers, my mother made the piece for me

    Okay, I have big news today! I was asked to put some of my pieces in a local fashion show *grinning from cheek to cheek* so with that being said, I'm going to talk about my favorite dress I have ever made. The fabric I bought in Paris, at a small boutique. It is actually home décor fabric, so it is super thick and heavy but it holds the shape of the dress very well. It was such a pain to sew with however. The fabric was so fragile, that the threads kept unraveling on me, but I pushed through it (lol-ing).
    I love this dress because of the back cut out. It's very simple in the front and the back of the dress just makes it. The style of the dress reminds me of Roberto Cavalli's dress style, very timeless and classic looking. 
    My grandma was even so kind to give me old buttons from one of her coats that she wore back in the day. They matched the dress perfectly. My mother made the hairpiece for me using vintage flowers from one of her friends antique store. It took the dress to a whole new level by adding such a delicate accessory to it.
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  1. That dress is absolutely georgous! I'm really impressed with your abilities, great job!