Friday, April 24, 2015

Best for Last

Hat: Ralph Lauren, Roper: Kate Spade, Sandals: Guess

So sad that our time is coming to an end. With this being my last post I wanted to end it with a bang. There's no better way to do that other than listing off my Do's and Don'ts of fashion.
1. A loose top and loose bottoms never work!
         When picking an outfit, you want to wear something that shows off your body. Two loose items never work together, nor does two tight items. You want to make your body look proportional. The best way to do this is using a simple trick, if my blouse is tight go with something bigger on the bottom and if my jeans are tight, I want something flowy on top.
           My mom would always get on me about this when I was younger. Floral print was really in style when I started taking an interest in fashion. I would always look at my Teen Vogue magazine and recreate the looks. However, they never worked for me because I would try to add too many prints together. When you style and outfit, you want the person's eyes to be visually satisfied, not put them in a coma. My favorite was when I would wear floral print shorts and then a blouse with flowers all over it. I can remember my mom making me change whenever I wore because she said I would regret looking back on it...... I do now haha.
3. Try to avoid "costume " outfits
             A costume outfit, is basically a getup. A lot of younger children do it and even the fashion world itself is guilty of it. This was another thing I did all the time when I was younger. I was really into the grunge look and whenever I saw photo shoots of it oh man I tried my best to recreate it. It never worked for me and still doesn't.
4. Simple is the way to go
            Looking at my wardrobe, a lot of my pieces are very simple. It is mostly complied of basics, such as t-shirts, and tank tops. The reason behind this, is that these are the easiest things to pair up. It's hard to have a lot of Avant garde pieces in your wardrobe because you want pieces that will go together.

Signing off one last time---

Friday, April 17, 2015


Dress: Lily Pulitzer
      Okay, so Lily Pulitzer just debut her line for Target and I think every sorority girl is secretly screaming on the inside. Her line includes everything from plates to dresses to flip flops. The best part is that its not $100+ for a dress. Most dresses that are in the collection are only about 35 dollars. That's an incredible price for Lily! It's actually affordable.
      My favorite part though about this line for Target though is that the prints are still wonderful. It's not like they were cheapened down or boring, they still look very much like Lily Pulitzer's actual brand. Personally some of the prints for Target look less bizarre than her real collection. Yep, that means no $30 sailboat dress......
       Not only does she have dresses in this line, but tons of swimsuits. From one pieces to high waisted bottoms, and even string bikini's. It's going to feel like you're walking into the actual Lily store than walking into Target. The only thing she is missing is her iconic planners that help girls everywhere survive the school year.
I think it's safe to say that Lily has done it once again...... and killed it this time.
Until next time---

Friday, April 10, 2015


With Coachella starting this weekend, I thought that this would be the perfect time to discuss festival wear! Now, this look is very different than just bohemian and grunge, its a mixture of different styles. This year, be expecting to see a lot of heavy metal jewelry and turquoise. Fringe is also very popular for festival goers this season. The festival look is more of a western hippie vibe. There are a lot of crazy prints rather than just floral headbands like there has been in the past. Each year, the style for festivals are getting more and more unique. This is a time for people to really express themselves and who they are.  

Until next time---

Friday, April 3, 2015

I PROMise This is my Last One

Polka Dot Ball Gown: Sherri Hill

         Prom season is in the air! In high school. I remember getting so excited for this with my girlfriends. We would always try to go dress shopping, but it usually took me at least four trips to the store to figure out what I wanted. Now, the majority of these ball gowns are from a local store Watercolors High Fashion. My dress (polka dot), was ordered offline from a Sherri Hill retailer Peaches. At first, I was pretty nervous ordering a two piece gown online but it worked perfectly. Okay back to my story, the reason that I am speaking about prom today is not to make you reminisce on that high school body or high school at all....(well, maybe just a little). I'm speaking about prom because I was asked last night by one of my great friends! Currently I am in need of a rom dress and was wondering if you guys have any ideas! I'm begging my parents right now to split the price of half of a Sherri Hill gown. The lace detailing is beautiful on the gown. This is from the Spring 2015 collection. If you zoom in, you can see that the dress is has decorative turquoise jewels on the top of the bodice and at the waist line. I'm obsessed!!!