Friday, April 3, 2015

I PROMise This is my Last One

Polka Dot Ball Gown: Sherri Hill

         Prom season is in the air! In high school. I remember getting so excited for this with my girlfriends. We would always try to go dress shopping, but it usually took me at least four trips to the store to figure out what I wanted. Now, the majority of these ball gowns are from a local store Watercolors High Fashion. My dress (polka dot), was ordered offline from a Sherri Hill retailer Peaches. At first, I was pretty nervous ordering a two piece gown online but it worked perfectly. Okay back to my story, the reason that I am speaking about prom today is not to make you reminisce on that high school body or high school at all....(well, maybe just a little). I'm speaking about prom because I was asked last night by one of my great friends! Currently I am in need of a rom dress and was wondering if you guys have any ideas! I'm begging my parents right now to split the price of half of a Sherri Hill gown. The lace detailing is beautiful on the gown. This is from the Spring 2015 collection. If you zoom in, you can see that the dress is has decorative turquoise jewels on the top of the bodice and at the waist line. I'm obsessed!!!

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