Friday, April 10, 2015


With Coachella starting this weekend, I thought that this would be the perfect time to discuss festival wear! Now, this look is very different than just bohemian and grunge, its a mixture of different styles. This year, be expecting to see a lot of heavy metal jewelry and turquoise. Fringe is also very popular for festival goers this season. The festival look is more of a western hippie vibe. There are a lot of crazy prints rather than just floral headbands like there has been in the past. Each year, the style for festivals are getting more and more unique. This is a time for people to really express themselves and who they are.  

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  1. I think it is good blog with colorful pictures. However, I think you just have few sentences to state your topic and illustrate your pictures more exactly. If you can have more understandable statements, your audiences can understand your blog easier.

  2. One day i will be at coachella! I watched all the snap chat stories every night and it simply looking out of this world! Again love all the pics and the style free people is still forever my favorite <3 great choice always like reading your blogs! I love all the jewelry that is shown in the pictures i am a huge bracelet and ring wearer. i love the way old antique jewelry looks.