Friday, March 20, 2015

Gone in a Flash

As many of you know, today I finally get to leave for spring break and I am so EXCITED!!! Let's just say next week, I will probably be planning on posting about swimwear because the beach is most likely going to be the only thing on my mind instead of preparing for finals.
Today I wanted to talk about my newest obsession and my must for spring break... Flash Tattoos.
Now, these can be purchased online at Flash Tats or they can be found in stores such as Altar'd State. They are a little pricey but they stay on longer than your average temporary tattoo. Usually, flash tats last about 4-6 days depending how well you take care of them. My favorite part about these though, is that they are so unique and can be placed anywhere on your body. I have seen girls wear them above their eyebrows, place them along their backs, and even covering their whole arm in them making it look like they are wearing a sleeve of tattoos.
A lot of these cool designs are supposed to be worn like temporary jewelry but some people are very creative with their uses. Surfers, will typically not even wear them on their skin but put them on their surfboards.
Okay with that being said, have a lovely spring break and be safe!!!

                                                                              Until next time---

(Enjoy the jam! I know I will be on this 20 hour car drive to Panama City Beach)


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